Cuba requests at the UN the immediate cessation of the US economic embargo

Coronavirus: Cuba Requests Immediate Cessation of the US Economic Embargo at the UN

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The Cuban ambassador, along with seven other countries such as China, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria, Nicaragua, and North Korea, sent a joint letter to the General Secretary of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, requesting the United States to remove the sanctions against their nations as this would greatly hinder the fight against the Coronavirus.


The ambassadors classify the measures as illegal and coercive of economic pressure. The United States has economically sanctioned all the countries on the list, except China, and the European Union has done the same with all the nations mentioned, except Cuba.


Diplomats assured that their countries have the total will to fight the pandemic, but that this action would be practically impossible with the current sanctions that some governments maintain on their nations.


The UN secretary proposed in a speech to the G20, exonerate the sanctioned nations, as this could undermine their ability to respond to the pandemic the world is suffering.


The current economic blockade prevents Cuba from developing freely in the international financial system. It makes it impossible for Cuba to buy, among other things, medical equipment and materials, including tests to detect COVID-19.


For his part, the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, during the G20 meeting, called for the embargo against Cuba to be lifted and pointed out that maintaining the sanction against the Caribbean island is considered an inhuman decision, given the current situation that the world suffers in these days with the Coronavirus pandemic.

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