The Police in Cuba are chasing Tourists

The Police in Cuba are chasing Tourists

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Based on the regulations adopted by the Cuban government in order to stop the Coronavirus crisis, the Cuban police are dedicating themselves to persecuting tourists who circulate in the streets, amid the tensions that are experienced on the island.

Chasing tourists in old Havana or anywhere in the country seems to be the new role of the police in Cuba, some even have the help of some generous and willing Cuban to collaborate.

There are currently more than 10,000 tourists who have been ordered to remain locked up in their hotels and lodging houses, many complain about the conditions they have found in these facilities and the abandonment they have had from their embassies.

In the last hours on social networks, a Chilean tourist complained about the conditions in which she was in a hotel, which was forced to remain in quarantine as part of the new measures that came into effect on the island.

“We can’t turn on the air conditioner because it’s broken, we can’t turn on the sink or shower faucet, the water seeps into the hallways, and the girls can fall.”

On the other hand, an Argentine citizen protested the forgetfulness of her embassy: “We are with a group of Argentines in Cuba, we are locked in a hotel without knowing anything about returning to our country, the Argentine embassy is closed.”

While all this occurs, the image of police guarding a queue in the country’s capital contrasted with the indications of the island’s president Miguel Díaz Canel, and the measures adopted, since nobody maintains social distance and only a few wear masks.

Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus cases on the island increased to the figure of 139 infected and three deaths this Sunday, March 29, there are also 2,317 people hospitalized and about 36,000 in self-isolation, according to a note from the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).

To date, more than 900 COVID-19 tests have been carried out in Cuba, and anyone who comes from abroad is obliged to 14 days of forced quarantine in a medical isolation center. This is another measure that has been firmly rejected by those who recently returned from their countries of residence to stay in Cuba with their loved ones.

More than 700 Cubans have arrived in the Caribbean nation in recent days and have protested against this measure, since they allege that the medical isolation centers do not have the primary hygiene conditions and the patients inside are not sufficiently separated from other people, making them more likely to get the virus.

Also, the United States embassy in Cuba sent a crucial alert to all Cuban citizens with dual nationality who decide to go to the island, since once there they will be treated as Cuban citizens and may be subject to restrictions and obligations.

On the other hand, the number of people infected with Coronavirus in Cuba continues to increase, as 39 infections were reported yesterday, and 20 new cases were published today.

The number of deaths on the island rises to 3, giving a mortality rate of 2%, despite the fact that Cuba has a state-of-the-art drug called Interferon Alpha 2B, which -along with other drugs- has been used successfully in China and other countries to combat COVID-19.

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