“I love Rock ‘N’ Roll” songwriter Allan Merril dies of Coronavirus.

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Allan Merrill died of Coronavirus on Sunday, March 29 in the city of New York, the 69 years old artist is famous for having co-authored the hit “I Love Rock and Roll”, played by Joan Jett in 1982, and which was ranked number one on the hit list from the United States for eight consecutive weeks.

His daughter Laura Merril published the sad news on her Facebook account on Sunday, hours after leaving the room where her father was. Laura wrote, “I was given 2 minutes to say goodbye. He seemed calm and when I left there was still a ray of hope that it was not a ticker on the right side of the CNN / Fox news screen … When I got to the doors of my apartment, I received the news that he had been gone”.



She also mentioned that it will be very sad not to be able to hug anyone, nor to receive consolation since she has been exposed to the Coronavirus with her father and now she must be in self-isolation for two weeks, so there will probably be no funeral.

The rock singer confessed to his daughter before he died that he had made a “million jokes” about the Coronavirus and he felt stupid, cause of that. “if something goes wrong with this, I beg you to take it very seriously. Money doesn’t matter!” He said.

Alan Merril wrote, “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” and recorded it for his band “The Arrows” in 1975; however, the song was not as successful. Seven years later, rocker Joan Jett heard the song and recorded it for her band “Joan Jett & The Blackhearts,” and it became a worldwide hit, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven consecutive weeks.

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